Tom Brimeyer’s eBook About Hypothyroidism

Tom Brimeyer – The Author of Hypothyroidism Revolution

Tom Brimeyer is the author of The Hypothyroidism Revolution

Tom Brimeyer is practicing functional medicine and has acquaintance with expert medical practitioners in the industry. Being a health researcher himself, he was struggling to find remedy for chronic health problems. He was interested in medicine long back and was excited to learn the secrets of physiology of the human body.

For achieving something new in the medical industry, he began to unleash the issue of metabolic activities and hormonal functions. With years of experience of research in the issue of health, he was able to gain knowledge and understanding of metabolic functions and about the factors which affect the health. This has taken him to a new level of creating permanent solution for chronic disorder – hypothyroidism.


Assessing chronic disorders

For the six years he was constantly observing the health condition of many people across the globe giving them personal advice and sharing the secrets of improving their health. He was traveling often to countries of United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, China and several other nations for treating long-term illness of many people.

He was addressing problems of hypothyroidism, fatigue, sleeping sickness, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance, digestive disorders, diabetes, allergic diseases, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, dysbiosis, infections caused by parasites, osteoporosis and arthritis and various other autoimmune disorders. For him, addressing these problems was only basic thing, and he felt strongly that he has responsibility to offer remedial measure for chronic health issues of people.

With that perspective, he started to work with many people and gradually was able to discover certain factors behind every chronic health problem. That is how his eBook of Hypothyroidism Revolution was born which certainly changed the approach of several people, who have importance to treating the symptom alone, instead of finding out the main cause of the problem. Tom also believed that people who suffer from chronic health issues should understand what causes the problem and not focusing only on taking medicines.


Personal Mission

His personal goal was to educate innocent people and make them understand the real meaning of health. He made them overcome the methods of treating health problems only by addressing the symptoms and not by approaching the underlying cause that actually caused the disease.

With this perspective, he approached and educated over one million people from various countries who suffered from chronic health disorders. He also believed that this scheme should be expanded over to other people across the globe with the help of like-minded doctors like him.


Transformation to different field

Basically, he was an engineering graduate and started his career working in a private company. He was a talented sportsman and loved to do regular exercise to keep his body healthy. In addition, he was diet conscious even at the young age and ate only low-calorie diet with plenty of fruits and whole grains, avoiding junk food totally.

He also believed that he was keeping fit health by adhering to vital health aspects. With this traditional perspective, he also thought what several medical practitioners were doing absolutely right. He never even imagined his life would change dramatically until one fine day he started developing digestive problems and drop in energy level.

It was then he met his wife Karen who totally changed his perspective towards health. She educated him to get out of the conventional beliefs on different issues of health and nutrition. With this view, he started questioning the health issues and was struggling to find out the right answer.

He believed strongly that he has the right to know and understand what is happening to his body. He started working online to know more information about complex mechanism of hormones and how the digestive system functions and what effect they had on his body. That is how he understood that his body was reciprocating to the underlying health issues in the form of reduced energy and problems with digestion.

Shortly after, Tom  started a blog wherein he shared about the experiences and his findings with many people who had similar health problems like him. Within a short span of time, the audience group was growing at a faster rate than he actually thought. The people who listened to him were actually frustrated by simply following the conventional belief system of the medical world without questioning anything.

They were not able to understand what exactly caused some problem and started to live with the disorder accepting it as their fate. This thought was fueled by their doctors who also taught them that nothing more can be done to overcome certain chronic health problems.


First you should understand the problem before looking for solution

He was able to convince thousands of people that it is vital to understand their health issues. Without knowing what causes a problem in their system, they cannot simply follow the solution. All he did was to convert the health problem into simple language for making it easy for a common man to understand.

He also insisted that many health issues can be altered and reduced by simply making some changes in lifestyle and diet. He asked them to give what exactly their metabolism needed for improving their health condition. Since his approach was highly rational and practical, he got many followers in a short time.

As his health condition started responding to his practical treatment like that of others, he was keen to continue his research on chronic health issues. This has transformed his life into full-time health practitioner.

He began to work with expert doctors and medical practitioners who were working on thyroid issues. He started digging more to find the cause of hypothyroidism through several trial methods. He also shared his projects with his clients.

Under this circumstance, he created the Hypothyroidism Revolution eBook wherein he offered easy solution for dealing with hypothyroidism. His approach was totally different from other health researchers in addressing the source of the problem than treating the response. If you read Tom’s book, you will surely agree with his perspective and you will know why common methods of treating hypothyroidism fail miserably.

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